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When we first saw her, we observed a person in a pickup truck

speaking to a lady on the sidewalk and then he drove off.

As we drove by her, there she stood on the sidewalk with a look of

total confusion, looking this way and that, rubbing her hands, scared

and apparently afraid to move. She appeared totally lost in another


We drove a half block and realized that we had go back and make

sure she was alright, as it appeared that something was very wrong.

Pulling up to the curb, my wife got out and walked over to the lady in

her mid-seventies. She asked her if she was alright-could we be of

help? The lady looking every which way, then told my wife that she

was directed to stay where she was and wait for the surveyor. Oh my,

what surveyor? We were in farm country with hundreds of barren

acres around us.

We realized that the pickup driver with the equipment trailer had told

her not to move; then he had driven off. We then realized that she

most likely had dementia. We offered to take her home and she got

into our car and pointed in a southerly direction where there were no

homes for a least a mile as we were in a rural area. I drove down the

sparce farm road, finally coming upon some homes on acreage; each

set back from the road. My wife asked her which home was hers. She

appeared to be totally lost and perhaps this was not even the road

she lived on; this was frightening for us and certainly for her, too.

After about another quarter mile, she looked back at a home on the

right and then said that she thought that was where she lived.

We turned back and entered the long circular driveway and stopped,

still not sure what to do. Just before we were going to get out and

knock on the front door, a small pickup truck pulled into the driveway and a elderly gentlemen got out. He walked over to our car and the

look on his face was totally heart breaking! We explained what had

happened and he was extremely apologetic for the situation, but so

very grateful that we stepped in to help the lost maiden in distress. As

it turned out, he had a part-time morning job in town and had left his

wife in the house, with orders not to leave. Sadly, she did leave and

walked well over a mile to the highway.

As it turned out, the fellow in the pickup truck who had stopped to

speak to the lady earlier had reported her to the sheriff’s department.

When we arrived back at the location where we found her, we came

upon the sheriff’s deputy and stopped him and told him of the story.

Thank goodness it all worked out and the lady in distress was now

back to the safety of her home and her devastated loving husband.

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