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Basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy your body needs to maintain normal function while at rest. If you can increase your basal metabolic rate, you can increase your body's capability of burning more calories while at rest, making it less likely that your body will store fat. How do we do this? Let's start with your diet. Have you ever consumed a large meal and felt very tired and sleepy afterward? Chances are the meal contained a lot of fat and/or a lot of hard-to- digest foods which decreases your basal metabolic rate. What happens is the body has to break down the food you ate, and if it's a high fat meal and/or food that is hard to digest, it will take a considerable amount of energy and time to break down those fats and/or foods so that they can either be used by the body, or stored in the adipose tissue. Look at your body as a machine. By feeding it a high-fat meal and/or hard-to-digest foods, you just gave it a lot of work to do, therefore leaving you with not too much energy. This type of meal lowers your basal metabolic rate, increasing the chances of fat storage at rest. It is better to eat whole-unprocessed nutritious foods your body can utilize without much effort, meaning the less fat and/or hard-to-digest foods your diet contains the better.

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