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My younger brother played on the High School football team; on this one offense occasion he was about 10 yds from the touchdown line. The quarter back threw the football toss towards him; he jumped up while running to catch the coming football, when he hit the ground, he found himself with two very fast and efficient members from the opposing team-determined to tackle him.

As he hit the ground with the caught football, he held it close so as not to fumble. He was immediately grabbed by one of the opposing team members and then the other. He paid no attention to those who were determined to bring him down, and he continued to run-drag towards a touchdown about ten feet away; finally managing to free himself from one of them. He still had the ball and was literally dragging the grasping opposing player.

From the grand stands came the yelling and screaming GO WILLIE GO, as he neared for a touchdown, came GO WILLIE GO from some of the visiting team bleacher spectator side. Willy still dragging the holdout made the touchdown with the holdout still holding tight. What a roar it was from the spectators and home team players. Story from a very proud brother.

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