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You can get the same results by doing sit-ups and pushups, the difference being, less strain on your lower back. Interestingly, the stronger your stomach muscles, the stronger your back.

The Ab Lounge is more effective than other exercises and machines for your abs. This machine is great for your back and actually more fun than crunches. Most models fold up for easy storage to save you space.

The Ab Lounge uses the jack knife abdominal crunch to work and lengthen the abdominal muscles with a fuller range of motion than traditional crunch methods. Its sturdy solid frame can support up to 250 plus pounds and its custom foot pedals adjust to your height. The secret to the Ab Lounge is the incredible range of motion, which takes you back beyond 180 degrees. This works your abdominal muscles with a fuller range of motion than crunches or sit-ups. The fuller the range of motion, the LONGER your abs are toning and tightening during each jack knife rep. So you're not working harder, you're working smarter!

The Ab lounge is an ideal home exercise machine for anyone who is trying to lose weight, tone abdominal muscles or improve overall fitness. The abs lounger is specially designed to optimise abs exercisewhile "minimizing" the risk of injury to lower back, shoulders and legs. The optimal design extends your range of movement far beyond the range of a normal sit-up or crunch exercise, giving you a more thorough workout, without the pain or discomfort normally associated with abdominal exercises performed on the floor.

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