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Unwavereing Leaders

Updated: Mar 1

Good leaders never lose focus of where they need to be or how to get there.

They clearly convey their goals and objectives to their team and possess an unwavering drive that never lets them lose sight of their goals.

-Character A good leader has a unique persona that puts him above everyone else. They Understand that the very things that makes them different is what stands them apart and defines their character.

-Engagement Effective leadership is all about focusing your attention on the problem looming in front of you without losing focus. Even caught up in the throes of a hectic day, be sure to participate in the process you’re your team members, instead of giving orders from the sideline.

-Courage Good leaders sometimes have to make unpopular decisions which they think would benefit the company in the long run. This requires bravery and the courage to stand for what they believe in. A good leader is not afraid to try new things, instill trust and confidence in others, and raise issues that others would rather leave unresolved.

-Accountability Being accountable and owning responsibility for the outcomes expected of you, both bad and good, is the true characteristic of a leader.

-Optimism Positivity is contagious, so try to focus on your attitude and understand you as a leader is responsible for setting the tone for your business and the people around you. The very tasks that others find difficult; leaders take on with zest.

-Confidence You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

One of the best leadership qualities is confidence. To build your confidence, you need to be willing to fail or you will never find the strength needed to push through the glass ceiling. To gain confidence, you should be open to new experiences and step out of your comfort zone.

-Standards Effective leaders understand that in order to achieve higher standards, they need to refrain from making excuses, hold themselves accountable for their mistakes and possess strong values.

-Appreciation for What you have Unless you absolutely love your job, you will never find the drive to push for betterment.

-Charisma Step out of your comfort zone and learn to resonate with people. Successful leaders are charming and magnetizing which inspires devotion in their followers.

-Loyalty Reward those who are loyal to you and show firm, constant support to your followers and they will be sure to reciprocate.

-Ethics When a moral dilemma rears its head, great leaders should make decisions in accordance with their own values, making sure that their actions are positive, not damaging. This helps you establish an unspoken ethical code that will inadvertently govern the decisions of your employees as well.

-Likeability It’s not enough to be respected sometimes. people want to work around people they like and distance themselves from people who exude a negative vibe.

-Respect As a good leader, your actions should speak louder than words. Show don’t tell. Enticing a deep sense of loyalty and admiration in your followers is one of the best leadership traits you can possess.

Integrity Having honesty and sincerity in all your dealings is one of the best leader qualities that assures your followers of your intentions.

-Passion The passion you harbor for your job directly affects your energy and attitude, and that of your followers as well. Your excitement towards a venture can fuel the passion of your team as well.

-Humor Some leaders who take themselves too seriously risk pushing people away. The most effective leaders laugh at themselves and admit that making mistakes is just a part of being human.


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