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She could have been a great professional concert pianist had she persued her dream, but instead, she chose family.

When I was working out of Beverly Hills in California for about eight years, I would go over the hill to the San Fernando Valley and have lunch with my father at his office and then the next week at their home with my mother. After we visited and ate our lunch, she would sit down and play her baby grand piano for me for about a half hour or so. The music she played was so beautiful and she was obviously thrilled to entertain the adoring me. Wow! Years later, I find myself yearning to once again hear my mother play. She made music come to life with beauty and skill. She started playing for me when I was about 7 years old; a cherished memory in my special treasure chest. When she was in the final stages of life, she exclaimed ‘I am ready, but I am so going to miss my piano’ Her sister chimed in and said, ‘not to worry’ mother will be waiting for you with a piano.

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