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The fourteen-year-old decided to be a vagabond for the summer, as his parents and siblings went to the beach while their new home was being finished at the end of summer. He had worked hard all winter and decided it was time for some fun. He had saved his money wisely and had enough to play for a summer. He opted, instead of going to the beach, to go to Seattle for the summer, staying with relatives.

He took a United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Seattle. Since he was traveling by himself, he was watched over by the flight attendants; of course, really enjoying all the attention and loved the box lunch. He especially liked the attention from one of the attendants named Barbara, who was about 24; although she was an older woman, she was a beauty. The flight ended in Seattle, the crew all wished the 14-year-old a fun summer and the beauty walked him to the stairs, as he stood there in the doorway she took his hand, pulled him close, hugged him and gave him a big red lipstick kiss on his right cheek. He then floated down the stairs to meet his waiting uncle.

Two days later the uncle came home from work, asking when he was going to wash

off the big red lipstick kiss. His reply, ‘maybe never’. He was obviously, still floating.

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