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AFCI outlets are not the same as GFCI outlet. Unlike GFCI outlets, which have circuit breakers in the wall receptacles, AFCI protection is installed in the primary electrical service panel. Also, GFCIs mainly help to reduce electrical hazards in the presence of water. When an electrical current is flowing in an undesirable direction, the GCFI cuts the current to prevent electrocution, even if the outlets have not been electrically grounded.Newer homes (after 2014) have an arc fault circuit breaker already installed within the breaker box. However, if you have a home built before that year, then you need one installed for extra protection against electrical fires and other dangers. AFCIs can be easily iinstalled into your home’s main service panel.

States or jurisdictions within the state determine which edition of the National Electrical Code®(NEC) to enforce. Contact your local authorities to inquire about which edition of the code your local jurisdiction has adopted. As a rule of thumb,

AFCIs are required to be in all dwelling areas, i.e.bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, parlors, libraries, dens, sun rooms, recreation rooms, and closets. GFCIs are required to be in all rooms that water may be present, i.e. bathrooms, kitchens,

laundry rooms, and garages.

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