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The Encounter.

It began on an uneventful Monday afternoon in Seattle, Washington at the SEATAC airport as I stood in line to check in for my twice monthly three-four-day business trip on a United flight to Los Angeles, overseeing my California interests.


Having been divorced over a year earlier, I always stayed over one long weekend monthly to visit with my daughters living with their mother near Palm Springs for our threesome weekend of adventures and discoveries, occasionally the three of us catching an airplane flight to some distant city.


As to the flight, it was cancelled and we were all standing in line seeking another flight, so we hoped? I was not concerned, as I was sure accommodations would be provided on another later flight. When just about everyone in line at the United counter turned to see an incredibly beautiful, five-foot six, short brown hair, about 22 years old with a to-die-for figure walk up to our line, Wow! I said to myself.


As expected, I was provided another flight on a different airline leaving an hour later (it was on a Western airline flight). I went to the waiting area and patiently sat there and did some bookwork. A few minutes later the beauty from the front counter sat down across from me, perhaps eight feet away. I then realized just how appealing and beautiful she really was; she appeared totally at ease, peaceful and poised and began reading a book, which appeared to be a Bible. Of course, just about every person passing her also noticed this beauty.


When they called for boarding, and as I usually traveled first class, we were called first. I boarded the plane seat by the window (my favorite seat) and settled in, I purposely tried to not make conversation beyond hellos to seatmates, as I used my flight time to do paperwork. After a few minutes the remaining passengers were called for boarding. I was already at work when my seat mate arrived. As luck would have it, it was the same young lady; she smiled, said hello and settled in and began reading, although she did mention that she had gotten upgraded from coach and sure liked the seat.

Three quarters towards our Los Angeles destination, we were offered liquid refreshments by the flight attendant. First class gets wine or liquor and she ordered Christian brothers brandy, I opted for coffee. A few minutes later I looked over at her and told her the brandy smelled good and I shared with her that I snow skied a lot and my treat when done for the day would be a hot brandy. This turned into hour plus conversation for the remainder of the flight. I found that she was indeed twenty-two years old, a senior in college in Pasadena (home of the Rose parade and the Rose Bowl), and grew up in Washington state. I found that she carried most of the conversation, mostly asking questions about me, such as; where I lived, about my cherished two daughters, my going to California twice monthly? When the flight ended, we said goodbye, nice meeting you, etc. I could tell that there was more she wanted to say and she told me that she would like to talk to me more, but we went our separate ways anyway. When I was at the carousel getting my suitcase, I looked across and saw her anxiously looking at me. Considering that she was with her boyfriend who picked her up, she still dashed across to me and anxiously ask if I would call her; she asked for my business card and hurriedly wrote her telephone number down and told me to please call her! With that, we said goodbye.


A month plus later, I called her, but alas, her roommate told me Christine was out for the evening and would be saddened that she missed my call. I called a week or so later and this time connected with her. We decided to meet for a drink in Burbank at the Castaways restaurant on my next business trip a week later. It was a very nice visit lasting for an hour or so and with that, we parted. A few months later, I called her again and we visited for a few minutes, she suggested that we should get together again, as there was much to talk about. She asked me if we could meet on my next trip; unfortunately, I was booked up. So, we opted for a get-together on the next trip. She suggested we meet for an early evening drink on Wednesday at a bar in Santa Monica, CA.


When I walked into the establishment, I wondered where to find her, as she was not in the waiting area, I looked around, but it was not necessary, for there sat a girl so beautiful that most of the men and women were looking at her. Yet she did not seem to notice the stares. When she saw me, she lit up with a huge smile as I walked over to the table, said hello and sat down and ordered gin and tonic. For me, I had not been in the company of such a beauty for a long time and this was really flattering for me.

About a half hour into our visit, I realized that she was a devout Christian, as she brought up the Lord Jesus and how important he was to her and that he latterly came before anything to her in life, including that of family. At this point I was angered by her saying that loving the Lord came first and then family. I thought she was very naïve for saying this and that I believed that she was naïve and told her so. Instead of her getting defensive, she remained at peace, smiled at me and continued on telling me about the Lord.


A few moments later, she then asks to read to me and I said Okay, for I had given up. Without any hesitation, she reached into her bag and withdrew a tattered Bible with many tabs attached and began reading. This witnessing went on for almost half hour and her heart was truly pouring out her faith as well as providing a soft glow about her, upon realizing this as truly a moment in time, and I was really humbled by all this, I once again found myself deep in my own spirituality and bingo! I once again after many years of having little spirituality, felt the warmth of the Lord once again, WOW! I said this to myself. This meeting so very much changed my life for the better and it was, and still is, truly wonderful.


When she was done reading to me, I seriously looked at her and asked in total wonder, are you an Angel? She looked peacefully at me and said, ‘I would rather be thought of as an ‘Angel’s helper.’


Mission Accomplished.

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