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The Swan

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Meeting a very sweet 12-year-old named Chris, who lived across the street from one of my friends home, whenever she was outside she would come and talk to me and my friends, I made it a point that whenever I saw her, I would visit with her, simply being friendly to a little girl.

She was at an awkward stage. A few years later I would occasionally provide her a ride home from High School, if I saw her walking and if I was going that direction, she was very grateful for the ride.

Ten years later while attending a party with others, a girl entered and walked past me, she stopped mid-stride looked at me and asked me if I remembered her?, actually I did not, as this girl was absolutely beautiful, confident and poised, the little girl and grown up and had become a gorgeous Swan. sure, glad I was taught to always be nice to others. For me, I was touched that this was real evidence that being nice to others, is appreciated.

She shared with her two friends that I was always so kind to her and she will never forget his kindness.

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