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Summer time Living Tips


Never bring electrical devices near a swimming pool.


· Allow at least one inch of air-space around the outside of the refrigerator to allow for air adequate circulation.

· Annually, vacuum the condenser coils, they accumulate dust and are less efficient.

· Keep your refrigerator away from a heat source, such as an oven or stove top.

· Keep items you need access to often and the others at the back and at the bottom, thus reducing door openings.

· Keep the freezer reasonably full, it helps to keep it colder and avoid excessive opening of it.

· The refrigerator should be kept at 36-38 degrees and the freezer zero to 5 degrees.


Clean or change the AC filters twice a year and have the units professionally cleaned at the turn of each season.

Save some money; raise he thermostat to 78 degrees, it can save you 2.5% to 5% on your electrical bill.

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