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Nothing happened Son! (A Tale by Quicktip)

Upon visiting his elderly father. He knocked on the front door ( a usual courtesy), The father opened the front door, The son gasped at his appearance, he was covered head to toe with soot, only his raccoon eyes and teeth shown through, startled, the son asks

"What Happened"?

The father’s response, "Nothing", The Son was speechless, mind you, this was an understatement.

Upon entering he noticed all the cobwebs that he had missed when last dusting, finally, upon continued questioning the father, he stated that he had attempted to re-light the gas pilot in the heater.

The explosion had blown the soot out of every duct in the house and destroyed the heater, and the living room oak floor was seriously buckled.

At the time, the son thought he would himself explode, but reflecting many years later, the son saw the occasion as a priceless memory. But one not to be visited again.

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