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There is no air in space – Fortunately the occupants of the planet Earth. are provided air, which consist of about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gases., so when you leave Earth’s atmosphere, you leave the air behind.

Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum. 'Outer space' begins about 100 km above the Earth (60 miles). Others might place a line 80 kilometers (50 miles) above Earth's mean sea level, where the shell of air around our planet disappears. With no air to scatter sunlight and produce a blue sky, space appears as a black blanket dotted with stars.

Sound travels in waves like light or heat does, but unlike them, sound travels by making molecules vibrate, so for sound to travel, there must be something with molecules for it to travel through. On Earth, sound travels to your ears by vibrating air molecules. In deep space, the large empty areas between stars and planets, there are no molecules to vibrate, thus, there is no sound there.

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