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Almonds* - fight heart disease Avocados - good for your cholesterol Beans - help slash cholesterol Broccoli - has agents that fight cancer Cabbage - discourages breast cancer Celery - may help lower your blood pressure Cinnamon - good for blood sugar Cranberries - fight bladder infections Cumin & Ginger - antioxidant Garlic - may help lift your mood Ginger - nausea and motion sickness Grape Juice - contains "blood thinners" Hot Peppers - relieve congestion Licorice - soothes ulcers Spinach - reduced risk of cataracts Wheat Bran - may deter colon cancer

* One-ounce of Almonds (about 23) added to your daily diet provides: Vitamin E, Protein and Fiber, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorous. It also can help manage blood sugar and insulin levels, a lot of bang for 160 Calorie

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