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Hmm Good -Miso Soup

Don’t Fear Fungus

Perhaps you have probably heard of miso soup. Miso paste, made from fermented soybeans, is a key ingredient in the soup. Miso is just one of the fermented foods the Japanese eat – in fact, the longer you ferment the miso the stronger and saltier it will be.

Fermenting foods is something of a Japanese cuisine staple – from their pickled side dishes to their soy sauce, they are promoting their health with every meal. The fungal agent koji gets started partially digesting your food before you even eat it and as a result, eases your digestion.

Aiding digestion makes you feel full which helps you lose weight, in addition to boosting your immune system and fighting allergies.

Americans who don’t have regular access to these Japanese dishes can get the benefits from sauerkraut, blue cheese, and pickles.

Miso is the ultimate reference point for the flavor sensation known as umami. The paste and the soup have a deep savory flavor, with toasty, funky, salty-sweet richness.

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