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When observing the night sky, you are likely viewing one ten-millionth of the billions and billions of stars of which are out there. One is not only taken by its beauty and the expanse of it all, but then realizing that what you are looking at are billions of Stars, not planets and solar systems, such as where the planet Earth resides with our sister planets.

Further, do consider that we are not alone, perhaps in another life form, but they are out there-somewhere?

As to the distance to the end, the author would subscribe to that of infinity, the universe is still expanding, and most likely ‘we will never know’

In the meantime, enjoy the awesome beauty and wave to the shooting stars. And do consider that current estimates that the expansion rate of the Universe is 73 kilometers per second per megaparsec plus or minus 1.

How big is the Universe? ‘Really Big’

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