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Keep shrubbery trimmed, thick shrubbery and trees cover your windows, allowing burglars to work undetected.

Plant thorny bushes around windows.

When you retire at night or leave your home, make sure all doors and windows are locked. It is recommended that you install peepholes on all exterior doors, this way, you can ask for identification from those wanting access.

Make sure that your address is visible from the street, this is vital in a emergency situation. Always have your mail held at the post office while you are out of town, as well as not having your newspaper delivered while you are away, this is a sure sign that the way is clear to a burglar.

Ask your neighbor to pick up and packages that might be delivered, if that is not possible, advise your delivery company to hold the item, until you return. Do not leave out garbage cans.

If possible, leave your extra car in the driveway; this gives the appearance that the house is occupied. Also, make sure that the vehicle is also close up to the garage door, this way , thieves cannot back up to your garage for loading.

Do not leave keys under your doormat, flower pot or window ledges, intruders check these first. Place a padlock on your outside electric panel access.

Use timers for lights, radio and perhaps a television, have each go on and off at difference times to give your home a lived-in look while you are away.

Utilize Motion Sensors - they are used so that the lights go on when someone is in the space. They also provide convenience and security when used for outdoor lighting, while minimizing the use of the lighting. more....

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