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Knowledge of History, SO IMPORTANT!

History, especially that of the written word, is the method for telling us how we got ‘here’. Without it we would have no past visual road-maps to provide us with direction; thus no examples to help man-kind avoid previous mistakes and hopefully avail answers and judgment to where we are going, so as to limit bad moves-when possible. As history continues to repeat itself many mistakes could be avoided simply by observing the results of past events.

Many times in history, without the knowledge of past events, small and large, we have found ourselves duplicating errors and misjudgments; those we would not have likely experienced had we referred to the past it is hoped.

The importance of knowledge of the past provides for tomorrow's leaders.

Unfortunately, the subject is no longer mandated in America and pole after pole shows that history is dismally lacking from the fourth grade up through institutions of higher learning.

As an aside and extremely important, today most students depend on their cell phones for communication. Should there be a major calamity and the power grid fails, many would lack the skill to actually hold a pen or pencil to correspond with others, as handwriting-cursory is also no longer mandated, and spelling is also seriously lacking. It is evident that we need to provide the skills and interest in handwriting, history and spelling, for the sake of the future.

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