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Hairstyle and You.

A hairstyle becomes cute when you select it that suits your face and hair type. But that does not mean it will always work good for you.

Face shapes & Hairstyles

  • Oval face This is the face shape that suits any hairstyle. Both long hairstyles and short hairstyles are suitable. Do not try broad bangs and do not try to cover the fore head. You'll lose your face shape and it may add weight to your face.

  • Round face Select hairstyles that give fullness and height. It will produce a narrower face. Layered hairstyles you can select and keep the sides close to your face. This type of faces suits short hairstyles, or hairstyles that are longer than chin length. Wispy bangs/fringes and side parts are also good. Chin length hair, center parts, fullness at the sides of ears, straight chopped bangs - these will all emphasize the shape of your face, so avoid it.

  • Heart-shaped face Short hairstyles and chin length hair will be suitable for this face shape, as the fullness can even out the jaw and chin lines. Chin length bobs, short shags, swept forward layers and wispy bangs all work well.

  • Long face Include Short hairstyles and Medium hairstyles with fullness at the sides and soft wispy bangs. This will make your face wide. Layered hairstyles work well and add softness to the straight lines of your face. Do not go for too much length, it will only make your face look longer.

  • Square face Short hairstyles, is good for this face shape. Add some wispy bangs, a wave or curl also give beauty. For those with straight hair, think about a body wave. Do not try straight hairstyles, blunt bangs and straight bobs.

  • Triangle face Short hairstyles can balance your prominent jaw line. Off center parts, wedges and shags are also good styles for you. Put lots of layers will give you the fullness through the upper part of your face. Avoid styles that are full at the jawline and center parts.

Hair Coloring Suggestions: Brunettes. Fresh rosemary will bring out dark hair's warm, and rich tones. Steep 2 tablespoons rosemary leaves in boiling water for 30 minutes. Then strain, rub the herbs into clean hair, and let it set for the rest of the day. To augment auburn highlights, substitute calendula for rosemary and follow the same procedure.

  • Brunettes and redheads. To enhance red and brown, mix 2 teaspoons henna powder with 1/2 to 1 cup brewed coffee and thoroughly rinse through hair. Stir in one egg or 1 to 2 teaspoons olive oil before applying to keep hair from drying out.

  • Blondes. Lighten your hair by boiling 1/2 cup dried chamomile flowers for 30 minutes. When the solution cools, strain and rinse your hair with the liquid, then sit in the sun for one hour or longer

Quicktip hint:

Spray perfume in front of you and walk through it so that it is evenly distributed over your body.

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