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ENERGY use facts

“Attention Entrepreneurs"

We need a method for storing electricity! One temporary option could possibly be that of keeping it in a continuous loop, maybe?

Major recycling of just about anything made from crude oil, and by this; I mean everything that can be reconstituted back into new products, this includes the mountains of tires, utilizing steam and magnetic withdrawal (metal) and reforming, the potential end products are mind numbing.

The development of techniques to create exiting products from new sources, such as Corn (excluding the ridiculous Corn Ethanol, which requires exceedingly more energy, labor, land and water than its return. The only way this product is viable, is due to government subsidies.) Husk, Corn Starch, Flax, Soybeans, Cotton, Sugar Cane (for fuel, as well as other products made with the by-product), Grease (for bio-diesel) and the oceans garden that produces innumerable sources.

Requiring less energy to crack and produce fuels.

Develop cost cutting means to turn natural gas into an ultra-clean automotive fuel to challenge the oil industry.

A more recent development is that of thermal depolymerization (TDP), a process for the reduction of complex organic materials into light crude oil. Using pressure and heat, long chain polymers of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon decompose into short-chain hydrocarbons. This mimics the natural geological processes thought to be involved in the production of fossil fuels. In theory, thermal depolymerization can convert any organic waste into petroleum substitutes.

The Shale deposits in the United States are extreme, providing an additional 30 percent of the US needs for petroleum-based products and energy, excluding fuel for transportation.

The United States has a supply of Coal, matched nowhere else on the planet in volume, enough for perhaps 30 percent of the US energy needs for over 500 years, excluding fuel for transportation.

Most likely there is a method to create “new” oil, “we just have to go to the moon” Our achieving this would again put the United States of American back in the groove, as to our ability to create, as our inventors did at the turn of the 20th Century.

An all-out effort to utilize the vast amount of energy stores in the oceans surrounding the United States.

The going-to-the-moon mind set to development methods of energy transmission that provides for a lesser amount of energy loss in transmission lines (there is an incredible amount of energy lost during transmission from producer to end user), as well as that of methods of storage of transmission energy during slack periods and release when demand is up.

Within Ten (10) years, another source of petroleum product necessity will come from newly drilled oil wells in the United States; this oil would be used for our strategic defense as well as for products, again not as fuel for ground transportation. (a minimum of 1-2% of all drilled oil wells in the United States must be set aside and used exclusively for national defense, with the provision, that it cannot be used in any case for fuel for ground transportation for the populace, other than our strategic defense (Ground, Air and Water) of America.

The use of human and animal waste as a source of energy.

Reconstituting Carbon dioxide back into a source of energy (this is really a stretch).

Additional research and development for the extraction of Methane from old landfills.

An all-out effort to tap the Thermal energy below many portions of the US, of course, the hitch is that of pipelines that do not disintegrate.

The Government needs to immediately eliminate the excessive red tape, which restricts the timely advancement for development of all alternative development.

The development of more efficient scrubbers, for use in the burning of coal is Mandatory, as unfortunately the use of coal in the U.S. emits 33% of all U.S. CO2 emissions.

The United States has enough potential oil (from coal and shale) to provide for those products derived for other energy for likely the next two fifty hundred years, but not enough for transportation uses.

The United States needs a call-to-arms for innovation.

The one who defies gravity, Wins.


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