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Delivery via AT&T

After numerous attempts to operate my new cell phone, of which I failed miserably, I decided the time had come to seek out a knowledgeable representative about the working of my recent purchase.

As I walked to the entrance of the store, I heard a unknown commanding sound coming from nearby and as I got inside I realized the sound was from my cell phone and it grew a little louder. Considering that I am illiterate with this contraption, I did not know how to shut it off or turndown the volume.

As I continued waiting my turn with one of the representatives, a lady and her husband entered and were standing in line nearby with a few others, they were looking up down and sideways checking their pocket and her purse; they too were seeking the source of the commanding sermon like delivery from nowhere it seemed?

Finally, with a stroke of luck, I managed to compose myself and realized that I was hearing a fellowship sermon on-line, phew! I found the volume, turned it down and then looked at the phone and realized that I was witnessing a video fellowship delivery by my pastor nephew on the east coast; just about the same time the couple sternly looked at me, for whatever reason.  I immediately looked up at the ceiling, looked back down and smiled at the couple sharing with them this was a spiritual fellowship broadcast by my nephew. One can imagine the relief for the couple who were still looking up.

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