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All of those things you wished

you had taken up, now is your chance.

If you have limitations attending a place of learning, consider taking courses online. There are numerous avenues to dealing with this. There are many colleges providing online delivery of courses which provides a number of advantages to students. First, the course is not time and place specific. Students will be able to complete the work at a time and place convenient to them.

Secondly, online courses are highly interactive with a constant flow of communication between the instructor and the student through the use of e-mail, discussion forums, and chat groups.

Finally, readings for the classes can be made available electronically. Internet links to books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and other web sites provides the student with instant access to supplemental materials needed to successfully complete the class.

Online courses, just like regular courses, are organized into a series of lessons with lectures, reading assignments, and homework. Homework assignments will be transmitted between instructor and student via e-mail.

Of course, for many, attending a college is not what they have in mind, many senior citizens simply what to expand their knowledge with regard to hobbies. such as:

Calligraphy, Computer basics & beyond, learn to sign the alphabet, colors, numbers, days of the week and other basic vocabulary, Get your degree. Learn another language, the basic techniques of songwriting, get your exercise and learn one of the most popular dance styles today- American Ballroom Dancing, Learn to Bake, your imagination is the only limit to decorating fabulous cakes! Then, decorate your own confectionary masterpiece, learning to play the piano, etc. Age 65 and Older Tuition Exemption Senior Citizens: Many states provide for resident students age 65 or older an exemption from payment of all tuition for up to six hours per semester and/or from payment of tuition

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