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Car Selling Tips!

Preparing your car for sale. First impressions work. The most important thing is to clean the car inside and out, If the vehicle is older, a though wash and wax on the exterior and vacuum of the interior is probably adequate. The extent of the detail will vary depending on the age of the vehicle. A clean, shiny car gives the impression that you care about the car and have maintained it in good condition. On the other hand, a dirty car does exactly the opposite, and may devalue your car in the eyes of a potential buyer. If the car is nearly new, you may want to take it to a professional detailed and have them clean the interior, exterior and engine. You should fix any broken items that are easy to replace, such as lenses and headlights, you don't want to give a buyer a reason to not buy your car. The better the car looks the broader of an appeal the car has, even if you don't get more money for it, you will probably sell it quicker. Cosmetic detailing is important when selling your vehicle, a few dollars invested can increase your sale price. Consider using the services of those who do Paint-less dent repair, this can be a good alternative to traditional body shop repairs for small dents and dings. These specialists use special tools to remove the dented metal back to its original position without the need of painting the car, the work usually are done in a day. If you have multiple dents to repair, you can negotiate a deal to repair several dents at the same time for less than it would cost to repair each of the dents individually. If the windshield is cracked, you may need to replace it, depending on the location of the crack and how large it is, this could be a turn-off from potential buyers, a 4 inch crack near the driver's line of sight, which is also a potential traffic citation. If it is within reason, you might want to consult with windshield repair shop about whether a particular crack can be economically repaired. If you are trading your car in, the dealer will deduct this amount from the trade-in amount he is offering you. Bear in mind, that he most likely can have the crack or replace the entire window for less than you can. Usually your insurance policy will only cover $200.00 of the cost to replace. Also, consider the tires. If they are lacking tread, the dealer will have to replace them. Sell your car "as is." You are not a dealer and you are not required to provide any type of warranty on the car. But be careful that you don't intentionally misrepresent the vehicle's condition, or the buyer "may have some legal recourse". Include a statement in your bill of sale that the car is sold "as is," and keep a copy of the bill of sale for your records. The bill of sale will establish the date of sale and help protect you from any further liability. Always ask for payment in the form of a cashier's check or money order to avoid any problems that can result from a personal check. Cash is ok, but provides no actual proof of exchange of monies. If you do, make out a receipt and both of you sign and date it. The convenience of trading in your car is obvious, you encounter no advertising cost, no test drives to arrange, and no potential legal actions, if your recently sold car breaks down. Once a car is in the dealer's hands, it's the dealer's responsibility to prepare it and handle the resale. Trading in your old car is the easiest way to go. In fact, because even dealers of used cars generally want your trade-in, they make the procedure as easy as possible. Trading in a car is usually a same day transaction with minimal stress. The dealer assesses the condition of your car, its age, and other factors and determines its worth (trade in value) Trade-in value is generally lower than the amount you could sell the car for yourself, but by trading in you save time, effort and potential after sale headaches. When you trade in your car to a dealer, you walk away, your task done! Selling a car on your own is the best way to obtain high dollar, and it may be your only option if you are buying your next vehicle through a private-party sale. But be aware of the work involved. Preparing your vehicle for sale will take time, and depending on its condition may also cost you some money. Be sure to fix things well enough to avoid running into possible legal problems later on from your buyer, rare but always a possibility. Take the time to examine both the trade-in and suggested retail values listed in the (Kelley Blue Book) for your car, you can determine an asking price somewhere between them. Also check your local newspaper's classifieds, car trader magazines and on-line sales containing used-car ads in order to determine local market pricing. Look for listings of vehicles similar to yours and compare their asking prices. Using multiple sources helps assure that you arrive at a fair and realistic asking price. The next step is to advertise and field phone calls. Since most private party vehicles are sold through local classifieds or used car publications, start by placing ads in those but be prepared to advertise in multiple sources. Remember to calculate the costs involved. Consider that, sometimes a takes a week or months to sell your car. Other times, the first day. To save a lot of trouble, set a realistic price, pre-set the lowest amount you will settle for. It is best to sell the car in the evenings or on week-ends. Set up your advertising in that manner. Selling your car on Consignment is another option. You leave your car on a consignment lot, the dealer charges you about 10% (usually, there are also other fee's) commission. another trouble-free way to sell your car is through dealer consignment. They assume the responsibility with regard to detailing, display, and the sale of your vehicle for a price you determine. This arrangement frees hassles of selling the car on your own. More often than not, you will receive more for your car, than simply trading it in. When you finally sell your car, you must sign the title over to them, and notify your insurance company of your actions, as well as a state required pertaining to the sale of an auto.

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