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BBQ 101

-Cook Them Well-

'You might think you like a hamburger on the rare side, but ground beef has to get to160 degree F to kill bacteria. Use a meat thermometer-you can't judge doneness by color'

How hot are your briquettes coals and are they ready? After lighting the coals and waiting until they are adequately hot. Carefully place the palm of your hand over the grill where the food will be placed (DON'T TOUCH THE GRILL)! The number of seconds you can comfortable hold your hand over the coals indicates the temperature. One or two seconds is a hot fire. Great for steaks, burgers. FYI: The number of charcoal briquettes depends on the type of food to be cooked and the size of the grill. Scatter briquettes in a single layer, so to cover an area slightly larger than the area the food your are cooking will take up, then gather them into a small pyramid in the center, and soak with liquid lighter (THAT IS SPECIFICALLY MEANT FOR "STARTING BRIQUETTES", NEVER USE GAS OR KEROSENE). Let stand about 5 minutes before lighting. After lightning, allow about 45 minutes for the coals to burn down. The coals are ready when they appear ash gray in color in the daytime and a red flow at night, but with no flame. If the fire is to hot, then distribute the briquettes out more. To adjust heat, add warm coals from the perimeter around the fire's edge, or if you have an adjustable grill, lower the grill.

BBQ Cooking Tip- Utilize a wire broiled basket for small pieces of foods, such as appetizers. It is easy to turn and food will not slip through the grill. Using heavy duty foil will accomplish the same ease of handling, but do puncture the foil with a fork, as you want the steam to escape

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