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Aphids are small, 1/16- to 1/8-inch-long (2-4 mm), pear-shaped, soft-bodied insects. They can range in color from green, black, red, yellow, brown or gray.

  • Mature aphids can be wingless or can have wings.

  • Winged aphids are similar in color but are a little darker.

  • Immature aphids (nymphs) look like adults but are smaller.

The best way to identify aphids is to check for two tail pipes (cornicles) found at the end of the abdomen. All aphids have cornicles, but some are smaller and less obvious.

Check plants for aphids regularly throughout the growing season. Because aphid populations can explode, it is important to monitor plants as often as possible. Carefully check leaves and stems for the presence of aphids. All aphids have tailpipes

Aphids shed their exoskeletons (skins) as they grow. These white cast skins can be found on leaves or stuck in honeydew secretions of the aphid.

Home made APHIDS trap. Just use an upside down 'yellow solo cup' pinned to the woods stake and cover the cup with thin layer of VASELINE. Aphids are drawn to the yellow thinking its food, stick to the cup and die. This will save your plants from aphids.

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