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Ann’s Story

This is a story about Helene Christian. Her parents moved around a lot, she had no siblings or relatives, as well as she never had close friends.

Helene met a fellow ex-student at the library, he being a year older, unfortunately, they got intimate-less protection, thus she is now pregnant. When she told him of the situation, he informed her that this was her problem, and he was gone.

A few months later when she was seventeen (pregnancy unknown to parents), her parents died in a terrible head on car crash with a semi-truck when his truck crossed the centerline, test provided that he had been drinking. Helene was now alone. She was very grateful that the lawyer, an acquaintance of her fathers, as he stepped in and represented her and the estate, he also helped provide direction at this critical time, as he convinced the court to continue allowing her living in the home on-her-own until she was eighteen, which was just a few months away, agreeing to being her temporary overseer, she did not share with him, that she was pregnant.

Fortunately, by the time the dust had settled, she was eighteen and the entire estate was now entirely hers. She inherited the home when she turned Eighteen. Fortunately, as to the family home, it was in joint ownership, that of her parents and herself, this made the settlement of the estate quick and simple.

As she was still in High school during this period, Helene wore loose clothing, consequently, her being pregnant barely showed, luckily, she had experienced an easy pregnancy, so- far- so-good. Shortly before the end of her senior year she quit school, as she was showing more and decided to complete her education via GED later on. During this time, she planned out the best she could, making plans to place the child she was carrying in an orphanage and trying to make sense of all that had happened to her. Prior to the estate settlement, Helene did have a small savings, but would not be enough to continue maintaining the home, herself and that of a baby for long, all of which she had no experience with a child and felt it wise to her placed in an adoptive home where she could find love and family.

The time of delivery came near, she contacted an unwed mother organization a few towns away, set up an appointment and met with them a few days later. She did not volunteer much and was obviously very uncomfortable with any questions. She simply wanted the baby to be protected by an orphanage until a loving home was found for the baby.

As it turned out, a recommended birthing clinic was one hundred fifty miles over in the next state. She returned home and waited another week, she was aware that she was nearing the delivery date, she called the clinic and appraised them of the status, they told her to pack up some clothing to last a few days and she took a cab to the bus station and headed for the birthing clinic. She did not have to wait long; labor came quickly and the baby daughter came two days later. The unwed mothers outreach center located a foundling home for her, they did not share her name or that of the newborn, of which she had not given a name. After the delivery, Helene spent two days at the birthing center and then onto the foundling home. Upon the new birth’s arrival, she made little effort to establish a relationship with the baby, she felt this wise, and with some sadness.

Upon arriving at the orphanage, she was met at the door by a gracious lady who introduced herself as Jessica, she shared with Helene that everybody called her “Jess”. Helene was ushered into a room and was met by two other ladies, they introduced themselves as Amanda and Ellie. Amanda was dressed in a colorful blue print dress and tennis shoes, the other lady was Ellie, the administrator, she was soft spoken, wearing a dark tailored pants suit; along with her beautiful silver/white hair, she was stunningly pretty. They immediately provided the baby with a bottle of formula and the mother with a sandwich and water. An hour later, Helene asked the ladies to call a cab, and with no further conversation, nor a goodbye, moments later she went outside to meet the cab and was gone. Helene returned home and within six months, she sold the home and was gone.

Later, with the mother gone and the baby now asleep, the two ladies chatted about the recent arrival, there was no paperwork to be done, as often, some babies simply dropped at the door. One of the ladies asked the other, if she noticed anything in particular about the young mother, wondering where she came from? Where was the girl’s family? They both agreed and said not really, except that one noted the obvious sadness she had shown, but no tears or emotion, and that of the light strawberry blond hair in disarray, and that she had a gold heart shaped locket on a necklace around her neck, other than that nothing stood out.

There was no name for the 3-day old newborn girl, one of the ladies walked away, coming back with a small Raggedy Ann doll, placing it against the baby in the receiving blanket in the small cradle, the baby seemed to relax a little, the ladies also talking very softly and lovingly to the baby. It did appear that the child actually was at peace; at least for the moment. A few hours later that day, the ladies discussed with one another, what shall we call her for now? Amanda looked down at the baby, put her fingertips to her lips in thought and said how about providing her with the name “Ann” as she blurted out, she smiled again, and said, lets record her with the name Ann Doll for now, smiles came quickly, they loved the name, hopefully, someday the child also would, if the adoptive family would also like it?

A few year later, still being a ward of the orphanage, a driver lost control of their vehicle, smashing through the fence surrounding the orphanage, three-year-old Ann Doll was in the play yard and right in the path of the oncoming car, she sustained very serious injuries, consisting of a shattered left hip, broken right leg, two inch gash on her right cheek, after some healing time passed she walked as though she had a stroke, by age 5 she needed the assistance of a crutch all of the time and her gash was terrible.

Her injuries left her less than desirable when it came to adoption, and she was also quite shy. She Left the orphanage at age eleven moving through a series of foster homes, finally the last couple were quite loving, but two years later they were now in bad physical health and could not continue foster parenting. An acquaintance of theirs at their church was a widow whose husband a doctor by the name of Chester Anderson MD, who was about ten years her senior, he had passed away when Helen was still in her twenties, she was lonely, already a widow, lived alone, and Ann could be the perfect housemate, they suggested and Helen and Helen Anderson readily agreed.

Mrs. Anderson legally adopted Ann when she was eighteen. Her adoptive mother Helen, died when she was forty-eight. Ann’s adoptive mother was financially well off and dealt with Ann’s physical problems and facial gash, seeking great doctors, and with excellent success, Ann also regained her ability to move around quite comfortably due to physical therapy, especially after the hip surgery. The leg took some time to adjust to the pins and screws, but Ann persevered with all the effort she could muster. After plastic surgery, the gash was almost gone, the surgeon did such a good job, it simply looked like a smile line. Helen gleefully introduced Ann to the Opera and Theatre, a few years later Ann married the Church youth minister Jonathan Windgate, she was twenty-six years old. They had been close friends since her arrival at church services with Mrs. Anderson, they dated occasionally, and with Helen’s blessing, a few years later, they married. Ann was 29 when Mrs. Helen Anderson passed away.

After the death of Helen Anderson, Ann decided the time had come to begin the expedition into the treasures of Helen's cedar chest, it was wonderful. Her mother used to open it occasionally and cherish the contents, often sharing them with Ann. Amongst the treasures, of which were many, Ann found a shoe box, she opened it and found beautiful jewelry and other obvious treasured items, she opened a manila envelope, wrapped in tissue paper was a small chain gold necklace with a heart shaped locket, upon opening it, she found a small lock of a babies very soft curly strawberry blond colored hair.

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