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Encounter with the Turf

The Encounter

The Denny’s clowns.

It was about 7:30 AM, and it was a beautiful Albuquerque, NM morning, we were on a road trip headed for the State of Washington. We walked across the parking lot at the local Denny’s for breakfast. As we rounded the corner and stepped over the curb, we took a shortcut through the corner of the walkway through the planter. We certainly were not paying attention to the fact that ‘the sidewalk was for walking and not that of a short through a planter’. Unfortunately, my wife lost her balance in the soft dirt and began to lose her balance, she immediately grabbed my arm with both her hands for balance as she began to tumble, of course, as she was holding onto me, I too followed her lead, we both took a tumble and found ourselves almost face down on our knees, and wishfully hoping that no one observed the two uncoordinated acrobats sprawled on the ground.

We helped each other up and after we tried to compose ourselves and rid the dirt and leaves off of each other, not to mention the fact that our hands were now very dirt-dirty; this sort of hampered the ridding of the debris off of each of us, also, our hoping that no one saw this display of middle-aged athletics by us, regaining our composer, we again headed for the restaurant entry door, when we just happened to look into the dining area windows, and to our dismay, most of those in the room had their noses up against the window, looking out and down at us, having just witnessed this display of unflattering senior coordination, at no charge the diners got a dose of Denny’s Albuquerque entertainment


Breakfast was good.

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