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Alternative Vehicles

Good & Bad

The good news is that they use less petroleum

The Bad news is that producing their fuel requires a lot of water

Gallons of Water depleted to Travel 100 Miles.

Gasoline = 7-14 gallons of water (and of course, the depletion of gasoline from petroleum fields)

(Water is used to refine oil for gasoline)

Plug-in hybrid electric = approximately 22-25 gallons.

(Power from electrical grid)

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle= 43 gallons

(Hydrogen for fuel cells made by electrolysis of water & electricity from Standard grid)

Ethanol (biofuel) Propelled vehicle=150 +++

(Ethanol made from irrigated corn) also has a direct effect on the cost of food products produced from corn- while reducing carbon monoxide emissions, compared to petroleum's output, it adds aldehydes and alcohol to the atmosphere. Ethanol has less energy per volume than gasoline. And considerable energy is used to plow, plant and cultivate the necessary corn crops. One needs gasoline, or some equivalent, to produce the crop to obtain the ethanol”.

“CNG” Compressed Natural Gas

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