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Coriolis who?

Simply described, the Coriolis force accounts for why cyclones are counterclockwise-rotating storms in the Northern Hemisphere, but rotate clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. The circulation directions result from interactions between moving masses of air and air masses moving with the rotating earth.

Additionally, when one observes water draining from the sink, tub or toilet, the water goes down counter-clock wise, straight down or clockwise, this has to do with the design of the fixture. Also, it is said that the draining direction will almost always drain in the same direction.

Further, it is thought that if one is at the equater and is up to 10' feet, above or below, the water draining will go straight down, and conversely, when north of the equater, the water will drain counter clock wise and clockwise when south of the equater. Science say's the Coriolis effect, it is not enough to dominate the flushing of a toilet--and the effect is weakest at the equator.

Utilizing this weakness at the equator, this is why todays rocket departures take place near the equater, thus the rockets have less gravational resistance at take-off

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