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A true representative of honesty.

-Walter Cronkite Jr.

One of the most honorable news few journalisms that the title bared the truth. He was a true representative of honesty.

For many years, until a decade after he left his post as anchor Cronkite was considered one of the most trusted figures in the United States. For most of his 19 years as anchor, he was the "predominant news voice in America aa he covered many of the important news events of the era so effectively that his image and voice are closely associated with the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, the Apollo 11 Moon landing, and the Watergate scandal.

Cronkite trained himself to speak at a rate of 124 words per minute in his newscasts so that viewers could clearly understand him. In contrast, Americans average about 165 words per minute, and fast, difficult-to-understand talkers speak close to 200 words per minute

His nightly sign-off was "And that's the way it is" with the date.

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